Garage Door Trends To Look For In 2022


Garage Door Trends To Look For In 2022

Garage doors play a huge role in your home’s facade. If you are planning on a home renovation in the New Year, our D & D team has spotted the trends to keep an eye out for in 2022. Continue reading to find out what styles will continue to trend upward in the New Year! 

Wood Trim
Wood trim has turned out to be especially popular due to the practicality and nobility of the material. Wood enhances your garage door’s appearance by making the design look more modern and high-priced. The natural pattern and traces in the wood grain allow for unity with the landscaping and nature surrounding the home.  

Glazed Doors
If you are aiming for a more modern or minimalist style, a glazed door may be ideal for you. Glazed doors have a large variety of design options from transparent to tinted glass, frame designs, and options for frame lathing. This is a great option that not only enhances your home’s appearance but follows new home trends.

Glass Windows
With the advancement of garage construction and installation, there’s room for more than cars and miscellaneous items. Garages have become workout rooms, workshops, laundry rooms, and more! With the added time spent in garages comes the need for adding light. Garage door windows allow natural light to the space while giving it a modern flare.

Farmhouse Style
The farmhouse style has long been a fan favorite in the design world. If your home is on the rustic side, then you may want to consider replacing your door with a farmhouse style. There are many variations including semi-arches at the top, timbered wooden overlays, dark metal fittings, and partial glazing of the upper windows to customize the door to your preferred style.

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