8 Best Window & Door Design Trends for 2022


8 Best Window & Door Design Trends for 2022

On-trend design ideas come from many sources – magazines, most-followed web pages, social posts, influencers, technology changes, different cultures, lifestyle demands, insights from professionals – the list goes on. We continually engage with these sources to understand which trends attract interest, are useful, and offer the most personalized options for design enthusiasts, like you.

Here are 8 design trends that are sure to inspire:

1. Colorful Personalities

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While black is still popular, a shift in color palette is brewing… browns, dark stormy grays, blues and bronzes are hues that add drama to a home’s exteriors and give it a different depth. Inside, like the occupants of the home, individuality is shining through. From room to room you will see more vintage hand-selected décor, custom wall colors, and various interior window finishes combined to reflect the distinctive personalities and moods of each room. In unique instances, some are opting for a two-toned window frame and sash combination, where the frame may or may not match the wall color, but the sash color boldly contrasts with the frame.

2. Flexible Living


As a functional way to expand the living space for immediate or future flexibility, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) can be added on to the home, placed above a garage, or built as stand-alone structures on the property. ADUs are a practical solution in areas where housing is becoming less available, elderly relatives wish to remain at home, adult children move back in, or as remote work gains prevalence. Coordinating window and door styles, shapes, sizes, and colors with the main home fenestration will create consistency and continuity across the entire property.

3. Privacy in a Glass House

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While homeowners enjoy expansive views and immersive experiences in their surroundings, they also like to create private spaces in their home. Privacy glass obscures the view from inside and out, with various options for tints, colors, patterns, and textures to provide shading or visual interest. Translucent, or frosted glass, diffuses the light and blurs the background. Transparent glass can be colored or smoked, for a darkened appearance. Decorative glass includes textured glass with distinctive patterns and stained or leaded glass add character to historical homes. Regardless the visual preference, homeowners have the option to create privacy in certain areas permanently or to incorporate the newest technology that allows it on demand.

4. Deep Green Vibes


More and more of today’s homeowners, architects and builders consider their carbon footprint and environmental impact when designing or remodeling a home. Sustainable living is increasingly of interest, as well as lower energy consumption, high performance and achieving the ultimate net-zero goals. Natural building materials like glass, brick, stone and repurposed wood are eco-friendly choices for sustainable building projects, with homeowners opting for ‘living roofs’ or solar panels as the crowning jewel to their green home.

5. Maximize Designs with Multi-functional Spaces

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Another type of flexible space increasingly in demand is one that can be adapted for multiple purposes, and with different uses between daytime and nighttime. A kitchen can provide a space for homework, art projects, or remote work, while a den can serve as an office, game room or guest bedroom. Extend the home to outdoor spaces for additional flexible environments. Whether for work or play, multi-functional spaces can be transformed into quiet, relaxing getaways at the end of the day.

6. Reinvent, Renovate & Remodel

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What is old can be new again. Many homeowners are deciding to stay in their current home and remodel, add on, or update. Windows are a great investment, as they help freshen up both the interior and exterior of the home, allow more light and views, improve ventilation and energy efficiency, block outside noise, and add curb appeal. This also gives you the chance to add new windows or doors where you may not have had them before, to bring daylight further into the home. Some unique applications we continue to see gaining traction are windows instead of upper kitchen cabinets, opting for a large window behind a bathroom sink instead of a mirror, and geometric shaped windows placed along the ceiling.

7. Self-Care Necessities – a Personal Spa

The bathroom has quickly become a place of blissful escape. Soft, muted color palettes, natural materials, and plants create an organic environment with an intimate connection to nature and focus on rebalancing. Luxurious finishes, stylish hardware and delicate wall murals help create a personal sanctuary. Enjoy views of the outdoors, natural light, and the warmth of the sun through large windows and sliding doors while soaking in the tub.

8. The Arch of Extraordinary Entrances

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Entry doors of exaggerated size and proportion are at the peak of popularity, offering expansive areas of glass for instant visibility and daylight. From reclaimed wood doors with sidelites to a delicately arched, single or French simulated-steel door, the additional height and width create generous and inviting entrance areas. Add operating sidelites to create wider openings for easier passage, geometric shapes to add architectural interest, or choose custom colors, finishes and textures for personalization.

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