Keep an eye out for the 3 door color trends for 2022.


Keep an eye out for the 3 door color trends for 2022.

Door color trends for 2022
For a long time, the purpose of decorating doors was secondary, however, there is now a wide selection on the market. It has a more prominent position. The customer must consider not only the practical characteristics of the door, but also the functionality of the door. But also take into account the material, finish and color of the model when deciding.

in terms of interior design The color of the door is equally important. It's worth noting that slight undertones can accentuate or distract from an image. When it comes to interior doors The challenge of choosing a color also appeared. The product should be designed to blend in with the overall theme of the room. Interior doors can be paired with anything. including decorations, floors, baseboards or even the wall to create something truly unique

This is the most widely used door color palette in 2022.

1. Neutral shades

Image Source: Casen Door

Neutral hues will never go out of style as they go with any design and color scheme. They are ideal for classic designs and brightening up any space. It creates a warm atmosphere. Plus, the shade goes well with other accent items. of the same color by maintaining the uniqueness of the interior design

Consider the following alternatives in this regard:

light pink tone
beige shades
calm green
pastel blue

2. Dark tones

Image Source: Evolve India

The dark interior balances the dominant hues in the room. and provide a warm and friendly atmosphere It should be remembered that darker shades are timeless classics for doors. And they can be used to complement any design, from traditional to modern.

Recommended shades are:

black door
rustic sugar

3. Bold shades

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